Chapter 12 – A holistic world view


If everything is one big consciousness and if we accept the thought that the universe could be a hologram – that everything is interconnected in an inseparable whole, that the energy world is the primary reality from which the secondary, manifest world emerges – what would this mean for our view of the world, for our identity, for our sense of a personal self?

Let us play with the idea! If the consciousness of humanity is essentially one, this means that we are all each other on one level. The saying goes “every man for himself”, which would then mean the same thing. We are each other and everything we do influences everything else in all eternity. What I give out will come back to me.

What would this perspective mean for our view of relationships or of love, for example. Well, a complete revolution in rethinking.

What would it mean for our understanding of life, if we were to accept that we are co-creators of our reality and our life situation – both individually and collectively.

What would it mean for our view of health if we accepted that through our thoughts, emotions and actions we can contribute to our health.

We would have to realize what complex beings we are, what resources we have access to and what powers we can develop.

The web of relationships

If the whole exists in every part and every part is in the whole, we are, to some extent, involved in everything that happens and we can never disconnect ourselves from this web of relationships.

We would all be cells in the same universal organism, and every thought, choice and decision would affect (and be affected by) this universal system. Consciously or unconsciously, we communicate with everything around us and are part of all that exists. I have, therefore, a responsibility for my communication – to know what I contribute to the larger unit – but also realize that I am affected by, and am an inseparable part of, the surroundings – whether I like it or not.

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