An interconnected world


* * *

What is happening in society today is a (r)evolution inside humanity. The new thought is growing of its own accord and not through outside pressure. It grows through desire and needs and cannot be stopped. It is self-generating and a natural evolutionary leap.

We live in a world of possibilities where the future is not predetermined. An intelligent universe, one consciousness, from which the world can take shape – a base energy that appears to be able to express itself in an infinite number of forms. What immediately springs to my mind here is Barbapapa and his lovely family, who are all able to swiftly transform their own energy, as and when required, and create what they need!

Consciousness and matter seem to be a question of vibrational speed and density, in constant transition between build up and breakdown. Even our “self” seems to be part of consciousness – “a temporary condensation of vacuum energy” as one of my students once put it. For my own part when looking back, I can see, that it was not “my self” who cracked up in 1980 – but my perception of reality. The healing process was about development, learning to understand life in another way, expanding my consciousness.

We find ourselves in the midst of a universal raising of consciousness, which gives us the chance to see reality in a way that we have previously not been able to, because our mind was not adapted to it. A consciousness raising that allows us to be co-creators of the world that is emerging.

Just like the cells in our body can interpret the information we give them and send it to all parts of the body, maybe our consciousness can interpret signals from our larger “body”, interpret the information that exists in the universe.

What will it mean to be humans in a world, where everything is considered to be basically energy? Where we have our deepest identity in the Being, inside us, where we understand that we are responsible for what is expressed in the world. Where the main purpose in life is to develop to higher levels of consciousness.

* * *

The end of the road

Our old model of reality has reached the end of the road. It is simply no longer useful in the light of recent research findings. We are moving on to a new level, characterized by associative thinking and a holistic view, where we unite logic and feeling, brain and heart. Where the holistic model will complement the logical, analytical model.

This transformation will have an influence on all facets- and aspects of life – our view of knowledge, of work and so on. We will be less result-oriented and more process-oriented.

An overriding requirement will be meaningfulness, and questions of meaning will demand a different kind of knowledge. The search for the underlying entity will increase the need to integrate diverse research disciplines. The quantitative research methods of today will be complemented by qualitative methods to increase our knowledge of the inner reality; knowledge that cannot be obtained from the outside world.

Our challenge will be to balance outer prosperity with inner wellbeing. In order to be able to manage our inner development, we also need the outer security. Food, shelter and a peaceful world. Inner development requires time for reflection and processing.

This raised consciousness will help us to deal with problems and difficulties in society from a higher level. As long as we only see the parts and not the whole, our efforts are doomed to failure. At the level of opinion we will always find it difficult to unite.

We can only achieve a better world through free will. Everything involving coercion is transient in nature. The way to accomplish it is to raise our level of consciousness; to consciously choose another lifestyle because it gives more.

Many people now seem to be tired of the superficiality in our society – the constant rush and over-consumption. The threats to the environment are accumulating and we are starting to realize that our lifestyle and our actions are beginning to come back on us

* * *

We humans need challenges and problems to solve in order to feel good and develop. Those who work for a better world feel better than those who do nothing and see themselves as victims. Our energy will be used for something, so why not for what is the most important for us. We can ask ourselves the question: what will we want to remember that we did with our lives, once we are old?

* * *

With a positive development, we will, in the future, be able to live in greater harmony, with a balance between logic and feeling, between the male and the female aspects, with a synthesis between the brain and the heart. We will be able to live in a lighter and more loving world, in contact with our inner guidance – the only sustainable development. We are living in the middle of a miracle, but rarely have the time to see it.

* * *

What if this really is paradise. But in a Do-It-Yourself structure!

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