Chapter 20 – Beauty


What the brain does when it transforms energy from non-form to form is outside of my field. But I can accept that it does so and I am sincerely thankful that we have been given the privilege to experience the world in such a fantastic way, with sound, light, color, nature – this never-ending miracle. Just imagine that our brain has the ability to transform these vibrations and frequencies to all this beauty!

So far, we have mostly talked about how to create a heightened feeling of life, balance and harmony within by working with our thoughts and feelings. But we can also take advantage of the outside world to move to higher frequencies – deliberately choose places, people and music that awaken this heightened feeling within us. Personally, my exploration of the formless world has made me more fascinated by the world of form, than ever before.

We all know how stimulating and uplifting it can be to take in beautiful scenery, a piece of artwork or to listen to music that touches us. The beauty resonates within, puts us in tune with higher frequencies, with the whole, and takes us into a loving state. Just like a loving state also allows us to see and embrace the beauty that is woven into everything, to see qualities other than those perceived by our intellect.

When, for instance, we look at a piece of art that moves us we first take it in as a whole. It affects our whole being. Only later does our intellect take a closer look at the parts, at single details, and at the actual composition and start to reflect about it all.

Beauty is crucial for our well-being and health. When we see something beautiful, dopamine is secreted in the body, which strengthens our immune system, among other things. More recent research has suggested that there might exist networks of nerves in our brain that can be susceptible to harmonious proportions and rhythms.

Beauty is healing. Having a beautiful view outside the hospital window shortens the time needed to stay in hospital – something that anthroposophists, for instance, have been good at understanding and making use of.

But we can all increase our understanding of how body and mind is influenced by what we take in and intentionally make use of beautiful shapes, colors, light, sounds and nature to reach higher-frequency vibrations. Also increase our understanding of how our interpretations influence what we see, hear and feel and more easily become aware of the beauty beneath the surface. See the beauty in ourselves, in others, in relationships and consciously focus on this, in both the inner and outer sense.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even if we as individuals may have different opinions of what is beautiful, there seems to be an underlying harmonic order, from which beauty emerges

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