Chapter 14 The Energy system


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The lesson?

Could it really be so simple that our well-being and development is about how we master energy? Making sure that energy can pass through my body with trust in the life process. And what should we do with those things that happened earlier in our life? The same applies to our past! If we have unprocessed emotions within, they will reveal themselves in the present, and here again it is about releasing our past in love and trust now.

For my own part, life is infinitely more manageable when applying the view of a “fragmented” versus “coherent” state of consciousness; whether I manage my energy from fear or from love. The events of the outside world are no longer the most important; it is about how I master them.

Even if this sounds simple, life will continue to provide challenges and we need to be continually observant in order to stay aware of our feelings and accompanying thoughts, to have a good breathing pattern, good posture; and above all to make the choice, to choose an approach where I am willing to examine my reactions, my views et cetera.

When we work directly on the energy level, we have already left behind labels such as ”guilt” and ”shame” and realize that what is stored in my body are unprocessed emotions due to my reactions and the only one who can process and dissolve them is me. To come to terms with what happens, and has happened, and to forgive oneself and others takes us to a coherent state. Exploring our negative sides is an underestimated joy, when we fully realize the reward.

Do you sometimes wonder what your life would have looked like if you had made other choices? It would certainly have looked different on the surface, other events, other people, but the underlying challenge would still be the same: to heal the parts of the personality that are not yet in balance, and gain harmony with our innermost source; thus reach our highest potential.

What if our experiences are not the most important, but instead the learning we can gain from them; that the outer experiences mirror our inner being.

What if our experiences mainly serve the purpose of giving us the opportunity to transform energy to a higher level of consciousness.

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