Chapter 15 The heart’s intelligence


It is said that the longest journey we can make in life is from the head to the heart – to move from a fragmented to a coherent perspective – the real paradigm shift in our inner being.

The brain is usually seen as cold and clear while the heart is warm and blind, but by learning to make our heart and brain work together, we can develop ”the wise heart and the loving mind”. When we are rooted in the heart, our brain works at its optimum. When we understand life through the heart’s intelligence, we cannot experience stress or fear. Nor can we be bored or see problems as particularly problematic – we see them more as another path, holding other experiences and possibilities. Our heart can accept this, but in most cases the brain cannot, it wants to control the outcome, and the more we try to control, the more stressful life becomes. (Fear closes the heart chakra.)

The heart muscle is apparently the first organ formed in the body. An ”information”/intelligence that makes the first cells organize and form the rest of the body. This information is linked to consciousness – the ”non-local ” consciousness that exists in every part of the universe.

The heart may in fact be our true knowledge center. The heart takes up electromagnetic information from the surroundings via the central nervous system, information that our five senses cannot register. This information is processed in the heart and sent up to the brain in the form of intuition.

As we saw in Chapter 14, the thymus gland is related to our heart center and the thymus gland is also considered to be the location of our sense of self. When we point to ourselves to say ”That’s me” or ”I did it”, we are pointing to the thymus gland. If we were to point to our head, it would seem as though we had done something crazy.

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