Chapter 2 – The new physics


Quantum physics – what has that got to do with consciousness development and self-realization? Well, maybe more than we think. I believe that modern physics together with some other knowledge can help us out of the dilemma that the Western world finds itself in, and which causes much unnecessary pain.

When I was a child growing up in the little town of Söderhamn, I lived in a world that was material in the sense that it was “made up of solid matter”. The stones, trees, stars, people – everything I saw was the “material” world. What I was able to perceive with my five senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste – that for me was the World. It was solid, secure, and followed certain rules. It gave me a world view which described an objective reality that I could observe. Little did I realize then that my reality was not the whole truth, just an interpretation of reality. That my world looked the way it did because I found myself born into the Newtonian world view.

Now a new world view is emerging, based on, among other things, the findings of quantum physics. This does not mean that reality itself has changed, just that we now have the benefit of understanding a little more of the reality that has been there all the time.

What caught my interest in this area was not that I am especially scientifically oriented, but that these models of explanation are more in line with my experiences of reality; and that my experiences through these discoveries get a more plausible explanation. It helps me make life more understandable, opens fantastic possibilities and gives me infinitely more happiness.

Do not let yourself be put off by the belief that this is too hard to grasp. The less we know about the old physics, the better it seems. A professor in theoretical physics said that quantum physics is hard for everyone to understand, but almost impossible to understand for someone educated in classical physics. Then it is not enough to just think differently, we must disassemble all the old ideas. So it might be easier for us if we have no preconceived ideas. This knowledge is already available and affects us, even if we are not familiar with the subject as such.

My intention with this book is to also show connections between the new physics, consciousness and Eastern philosophy where, for thousands of years, it has been asserted that everything in the universe is connected and, in the end, only vibrations. Furthermore, I intend to show, for example, how we can make use of quantum physics’ wave- and particle concept (connected – separate) as a model for understanding existence. We will explore this concept further throughout the book.

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