Business from the heart – instead of busyness at work


Business from the heart is about letting our personal development have an impact on our working life.

Business life is going through the same paradigm shift as we humans; an existential crisis about the very aim and meaning of work and business. To have a higher vision in our lives than being “human capital” in the service of economic growth.

We have grown so accustomed to think in economical and material terms that we do not question the rational in putting the economy first. We have become prisoners in the economic system. First we have to produce more and more and then we have to consume it all. If we stop consuming, everything will come to a halt and the whole system will collapse. Now, I think, the time has come to take a holistic view and responsibility.

Fantastic possibilities will open up for businesses that adopt a wholeness perspective, that want to work for a sustainable society and provide products and services which add something to humanity and the planet. Companies that have the ability to build new business models for healthy progress and crossing borders. Companies that do “good” and use the business as a platform for human growth, to give a deeper meaning to life. Businesses that want co-creators who are driven from the heart and that create structures and platforms for a business life built from the individual and out – with joint visions and values.


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