The creative state of mind


If we accept the thought that we are co-creators of the world, it will also be interesting to learn more about the creative process – how we consciously can put ourselves in a creative state of mind. There are ideas saying that geniuses may not necessarily be more brilliant than ordinary people, they are just so talented in getting in contact with the creative intelligence, the unbroken energy field.

Our left hemisphere blocks the way to this contact. We therefore need some form of relaxation/meditation, a stillness of mind in order to reach the creative state, a receptive attitude and a deep, honest desire. Make sure that we extend the periods of alpha-waves in our brain to more often get in touch with the creative intelligence.

The theta level of consciousness is considered the most favorable level for creativity, inner mental training, visualization etc. So we have to make room in our lives to stay  in contact with the field where we have access to our intuition, can download information, send out our intention and focus on what we want to create.

Then be observant on what is happening, on synchronistic situations and the like. Understand that we get guidance all the time even in our everyday life and that our intentions and wishes create our reality – both the individual and reality at large.


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