Do we live in Paradise without realizing it?


Well, if we look at Nature with all its richness and beauty there does not seem to be anything wrong with the planet in itself. It contains every possibility for us to create a paradise. So what stops us?

As I see it, the maturity in society is still too low. We need to raise our con-sciousness and take a step towards a higher level of aware-ness.

This step can be expressed in many ways – as a move from the head to the heart, from power struggle to co-creation, from fear to trust and love, from the ego to the higher Self, from a frag-mented to a coherent state of mind as I write in my book.

Such a change will give us a totally new perspective, a new world view – an insight that everything on earth is inter-connected. That we are all co-creators of the world that takes form and that we can grow together without competing or fighting.



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