The heart’s intelligence


It is said that the longest journey we can make in life is from the head to the heart – to move from a fragmented to a coherent perspective – the real paradigm shift in our inner being.

In recent years we have learned that the heart may play a bigger role in our lifes than just pumping blood. The heart may in fact be our true knowledge center. The heart takes up electro-magnetic information from the surroundings via the central nervous system, information that our five senses cannot register. This information is processed in the heart and sent up to the brain in the form of intuition.

The heart detects signals in the energy field faster than the brain. Neurocardiology has discovered that more signals are sent from the heart to the brain than vice versa and that the heart has its own nervous system that can feel, remember, and operate independently of the brain.

Positive and negative feelings affect our heart rhythm. Emotions of frustration and anxiety make for a disharmonious rhythm that blocks our higher brain functions, while feelings of love and appreciation provide a coherent heart rhythm and give access to clear and effective thought processes.

The most important thing we can do is to change our emotional state. Centered in our heart we cannot experience stress, fear or loneliness. Heart focus is a state of wholeness – above duality.

By moving to our hearts and see the world through the heart´s intelligence we have the possibility to create an inner paradise and from there also build an outer paradise. For example, could war exist in the outer world, if it did not exist in our minds?


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