The Tale of the truth is a book about consciousness development, self-discovery and finding the path to self-realization. It is intended as a guide to help us expand our self-awareness and get in touch with our higher Self, our inner source of insight, and in so doing, deeply transform our way of seeing life.

Self-realization in this context has nothing to do with ego-realization but is more about diminishing the ego. To succeed in this we need self-motivation, a great deal of patience, time for reflection, exercise, stillness and silence, so that we can begin listening to our inner self. It is said that we have all the answers within us, but we need to develop our sensitivity to see this – and the consequences are often a change of lifestyle, based on inner maturity.

This book can also be seen as an “alternative” recipe for success. A way to reach inner success by finding freedom, peace and joy within us, without having to take a detour via external success and material status.

External success is no guarantee of inner well-being, while inner peace and harmony give us a sense of freedom and reduced attachment to the material rewards of the outside world. However, it is important to point out that there is no conflict between inner and outer success. On the contrary, the more we get to know ourselves, the more easily we can see what needs to be done.

In the planning of this book, I have chosen to start with society at large, the times of upheaval and transition in which we find ourselves, along with observations of the new physics – as far as I am able to understand them – to personal development; what we ourselves can do in order to make contact with that center of unity which exists inside us all and which – once we have come into contact with it – changes our lives forever.

In this state of being, we can see that we are part of everything, experience the whole universe inside us and there the circle ends for me. In this experience, everything is perfect and complete, and there is nothing left to add. This is perhaps the biggest paradox of life; that the more I go into myself, the further out into the universe I come and the more I experience a presence and a connection to everything. There I meet eternity and infinity.

A recurrent theme in this book is also what I am going to term a “separate or fragmented” state of consciousness versus a “connected or coherent” state which influences our whole interpretation of existence.

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